Jim Maclaine’s “Dea Sancta et Gloria” – a spin-off from the film “Stardust” (1974) which expands upon its rock opera theme with lyrical prose and poetical verse is currently in progress. To celebrate its completion in 2020 and free to access availability via Cosmic Dwellings, we feature a special interview (very shortly to be published on this page) with its 2 voice actors, Tony G. Marshall and Madeleine Havell who are artistically reunited 10 years on from their first voice production project together, “That’ll be the Stardust!”


You can now check on the progress of all things “Dea Sancta” with the special
“Dea Diary” updates at the following link below:


“Dea Sancta et Gloria” & “Dea Diary” written contents –
Copyright ©2019 Tony G. Marshall/Cosmic Dwellings. All Rights Reserved. 

About Cosmic Dwellings

'Cosmic Dwellings' is a social media network consisting of a fine mix of retro rock and pop music, a radio drama production, an ebook serial and several works of poetry and lyrical prose.
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