“Cosmic Dwellings” has become the new home in the vast network of blogging ‘wonderment’ on the Worldwide Web for Writer, Tutor and Voice Actor Tony G. Marshall:“I needed a place to park my ‘creative sparks’ in order to ‘ramble on’ in the hope of retrieving something of worthwhile reading. Nevertheless, if it doesn’t achieve that I’m almost certain it has served its purpose to the extent of making me feel somewhat creatively content with the stuff I’m ‘churning’ out.” Simultaneously, he also wanted to discover a type of theme that would be relatively coherent throughout his writings and assist him in compartmentalising his findings. To commence the journey it would appear that ‘music’ has already stamped its melodious ‘tattoos’ amongst the themes: “Long may my preference for ‘retro’ rock continue to underscore!” 

NOW…on Cosmic Dwellings Official:
Tony G. Marshall & Holly Macdonald are interviewed about their professional collaboration for Jim Maclaine’s “Dea Sancta et Gloria”
(click image below…)

TGM & HM promo - Copy

“Working with Tony once again has not failed to delight. His writing holds you spellbound and his intense energy, positivity, and passion for creativity still captures the imagination of his audience. With his enthusiasm, northern charm and sense of humour he is always an absolute pleasure and a true gentleman. The industry needs more like him.”                                                    – Holly Macdonald (Actress/Model).

“It’s a pleasure to know that her relentless pursuit of anything creative is still a prominent focus; Mrs Macdonald is an excellent line of support whether in a recording studio or on a theatre stage. We previously mixed our professional chemistry in “That’ll be the Stardust!” radio drama in which her performances are compelling.”
                                                                      – Tony G. Marshall (Writer/Poet/Voice Artist).

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

You can check out the TWELVE THIRTY”  interview with Tony which is all about his latest poetry project at the following link (click image):

Screenshot (32)

You can check out the actual “TWELVE THIRTY” 43-Stanza poetry
at this link (click image):

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

There are two special presentations of Tony’s work as a writer and voice actor which are featured on our website and they include his radio drama production, ‘That’ll be the Stardust!’ which can be accessed for FREE at the following link (click image):


Jim Maclaine’s DEA SANCTA ET GLORIA lyrical prose rock opera can be accessed at the following link (click image):

ALSO a sampling of the 1st story of the crime-thriller-in-progress, “GOLD1E” can be viewed at this link (click image):

GOLD1E promo

Download “GOLD1E” pdf promo

Download “GOLD1E” pdf promo

PLUS – several of Tony’s poetry, lyrical prose and story concepts are compiled at this link (click image):

You can also connect with Tony via his LinkedIn profile at the following link (click image):

TGM LinkedIN


The ‘Cosmic Diner’ is now open to publicise the Rock music-related articles and themes in the archives including new retro features relating to the ’50’s, ’60’s, ’70’s & ’80s. You can access the Diner by clicking the icon below: 



Incidentally, the name of this website has been inspired by a very evocative and classic song entitled, “Cosmic Dancer” by the late great “Boppin’ Elf”, or “Rock ‘n’ Roll Poet” if you will, Mr. Marc Bolan – the leading musical light who guided the legendary T.Rex – one of the very first (if not the first) Rock/Pop Stars that Tony ever saw on TV. And, speaking of M.B., you’ll find a very popular tribute article “The Bolan Child” at the following link (click image):



AND, you can also tune in to our “T.REX” Spotify Jukebox below to experience a fantastic mix of selections from Marc and the band’s 70’s studio output:

Cosmic Dwellings has discovered a very inspiring journey with its compiling of classic music-related articles by sharing other sources and people’s perspectives, so enjoy the journey too – Many Thanks for stopping by!


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