You’ve never walked in that man’s shoes or
saw things through his eyes
Or stood and watched with helpless hands

while the heart inside you dies
Some were paupers some were kings and

some were masters of the arts
But in their shame, they’re all the same
these men with broken hearts…”

Hank Williams, “Men With Broken Hearts” lyrics.

“WHEN SEPTEMBER FALLS” – 7 Lifestory Essays, 1 ‘Travelling’ Man.

A unique journey through the Arts & Entertainment industry depicting several events in the life of writer and professional voice-over artist, Tony G. Marshall. From commencing his time as a Hospital Radio Presenter as a teenager in the mid-80s to his time as an Entertainer lookalike and DJ, from being a Club Theatre performer in European productions to utilising his voice skills as a Host & Compere, including his most creative period as a writer, poet, and voice actor which heralded the creation of the online audio drama, “That’ll be the Stardust!”

“When September Falls” also reflects upon the mental health struggles Tony has experienced through the years, and in some cases still experiences, with Depression, Anxiety, and Rumination which consequently can lead to unexpected Self-Harming.

“When September Falls” is not only a journey of self-awareness but also promotes mental health awareness. It encompasses both the ups and downs of a life filled with creative energy and flair but with a social existence that gradually got smaller and smaller…

“Nothing, and nobody, is to blame for my mental health condition. It was always there from a very young age albeit in a much lesser capacity. However, there are certain types of attitudes and situations that have a tendency to exacerbate it, therefore I have to protect myself from such occurrences. Self-harming didn’t occur until my late forties. The imbalance prevails, but my journey with mindfulness and meditation always attempts to forge a combative stance.”Tony G. Marshall.


  – Theme from “The Persuaders!” (1971) –
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“WHEN SEPTEMBER FALLS” – 7 Interviews, 2 People, 1 story of Life events.

Tony G. Marshall and Holly Macdonald share a professional history. One that originates from 2008. One that utilised their voice acting and characterisation skills. And one that had come full circle in 2021. In this special series of interviews which not only promotes a life in the arts and entertainment industry but also raises mental health awareness, Tony and Holly’s professional chemistry embarks upon a new presentational project. One in which a friendship is retained in a respectful manner and one in which creativity and sensitivity both play major roles.

“It is very courageous of Tony to open up about his mental health in this project. He has led a fascinating life and it’s a pleasure to collaborate with him once again. I have known him for a long time and he treats people the way HE wants to be treated. This project enables us to raise mental health awareness via the arts and creativity and allows us to balance both the positive and negative aspects of a life well-lived.”Holly Macdonald.


The first interview is now published at the following link:

MASQUERADE” – The Interview…