ELVIS at the Big D Jamboree — 1955

Really cool little find on the ‘WordPress’ network! It was posted earlier this year to commemorate the anniversary of Elvis’ 80th Birthday, and it’s an homage to his ‘Big D Jamboree’ appearance on September 3rd, 1955…

Flashback : Dallas


by Paula Bosse

Today is Elvis Presley’s birthday — a perfect time to present a nostalgic look back at the early days of his fame, before he broke nationally and when it was still pretty easy to get a ticket to see him. Here are a few tidbits from his appearance on Sept. 3, 1955 at the legendary Big D Jamboree (held at the legendary Sportatorium). Happy Birthday, E!

elvis_big-d-jamboree-program_090355Big D Jamboree program, Sept. 3, 1955 (click for larger image)


elvis_big-d-jamboree_090355That night’s schedule — E’s all over it (click for larger image)


elvis_big-d-jamboree-ad_dmn_090355Typos like this wouldn’t be a problem soon (click for larger image)


Photo of Elvis and the two clippings from the Big D Jamboree program to that night’s show, Sept. 3, 1955.

Cool ad from The Dallas Morning News, Sept. 3, 1955.


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