‘THAT’LL BE THE STARDUST!’ – A Fiery Welcome…

stardust (1)

It’s fabulous to be in a position to finally welcome home my radio drama production of “That’ll be the Stardust!”.  It’s been 3 years since it temporarily jumped off its own domain on the worldwide web, and during this time a lot of contemplation and planning has gone into building a blog network of relevant context and one which will cater to its updating and promotional needs.

When a concept such as this is powered by an intensity which has a ‘motor’ driven by passion and belief along with a heavy dilution of integrity, it would appear to flame its own ‘fire’; ultimately becoming its own ‘creature’ – a force of nature. It may cause some people to act out of ‘character’, it may cause some people problems getting into ‘character’. ‘That’ll be the Stardust!’ has certainly created a little ‘fire’ here and there throughout its development. Why, it’s even been burnt itself a little – here and there. It’s been talked about in many rooms leading up to, and beyond, its making. It was actually recorded in two rooms (studios) – both being utilised for different facets of its ‘nature’. But no matter where it’s been talked about or recorded, it’s always presented people with a certain ‘magic’, if you will, the magic of instant communication – it’s got people talking. Whether fans of the original films it is ‘spun’ off from, or whether fans of its musical themes that have inspired them – people have communicated. It’s also provided further interaction between people who are fond of the acting profession, people who pride themselves on their art and the business of perfecting such art. It’s waved its own wand of magic – that magic of purpose, and that of which it has served.

As you may or may not be aware the ‘Cosmic Dwellings’ blog network has devised a very special ‘room’ for ‘That’ll be the Stardust!’ which is amidst the menus at the top of the site. Do you see it?? Yeah, there ya go! Therein, you can find out further insights into its 20-year development via a recent interview which was held with myself specially for the ‘homecoming’. PLUS, most importantly in there, you can let the drama unfold between your very ears via the link which will grant you FREE access!! However, I do need to bring your attention to the “PARENTAL ADVISORY” notice. There, you’ve been warned! Also, there’s a little info about the final chapter continuation which I’m sure you’ll find somewhat intriguing if you’re a fan of the concept, or even if you’re a fan of the original films. Anyway, without further ado, the room’s about to set aflame once more, crackling with the ‘magic’ of artistic communication – even if I do say so myself…

About Cosmic Dwellings

'Cosmic Dwellings' is a social media network consisting of a fine mix of retro rock and pop music, a radio drama production, an ebook serial and several works of poetry and lyrical prose.
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